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winter working gloves

Winter Working Gloves Manufacturer

Amsafe is a trusted winter working gloves manufacturer with over 15 years of experience.

Each glove that we offer ensures great comfort, cold resistance, and slash protection.

  • Offers winter working gloves with A1-A9 A-F cut grades
  • Reliable manufacturing company for over a decade
  • Provides both OBM/OEM services to all clients
  • Offer 24/7 reliable online assistance

Amsafe Winter Working Gloves

Winter working gloves are gloves used to keep hands warm and comfortable. They are suitable for protection in wintery and wet conditions. You can find them super useful for winter outdoor exercises, including driving, cycling, snow sports, going out, working, and other activities.

Moreover, the winter working gloves come in a wide variety of materials, designs, and models. Our engineering team uses synthetic materials, such as spandex, nylon, leather, or thick cotton-like materials. The gloves are intended to last.

When you have gloves-related business or projects, Amsafe winter working gloves are a great addition.

Amsafe is the most reliable winter working gloves manufacturer in China. We’ve been in this industry for more than 15 years. Our priority in every production step is your satisfaction. Please settle with us for your next winter working gloves requirements!

Fingerless Winter Gloves

Fingerless winter gloves provide numerous benefits over full-finger gloves. They are the best choice for projects that need demands handling of small items. They offer excellent protection against scrapes and cuts.

Winter Gloves for Electrical Working

Winter gloves for electrical working are important hand protection. These gloves are useful for workers that work in contact with high-voltage currents. The gloves have extreme shock-proof features.

3.winter cycling gloves

Winter cycling gloves are gloves used to comfort and protect cyclists’ hands or arms. The gloves feature an additional safety layer and padding used for reducing skin irritations. They provide exact warmth for hands.

4.winter driving gloves

Winter driving gloves are gloves that provide both comfort and quality. The gloves are used to keep your hands warm and experience an excellent driving experience during winter. They are made out of durable and soft materials.

5.men winter working gloves

Men winter working gloves provide a tight fit for men’s hands. These gloves offer high protection in cold environments and weather, especially in winter. They could be made of thicker polyester, leather, spandex, and nylon.

6.winter working gloves for women

The winter working gloves for women have a more stylish design than mens’. These gloves are an essential part of women’s winter outfits. They are used for keeping hands warm and comfortable while working during winter.

7.waterproof winter working gloves

Waterproof winter working gloves offer effective insulation, balance performance, protection, and water resistance.  They also offer accurate fit to any hands measurement.

8.leather winter working gloves

The leather winter working gloves are extremely multipurpose. The gloves provide great practicality and excellent comfort. They are also useful as protection from hands injuries.

9.Cold Proof Winter Working Gloves

Cold proof winter working gloves come in thick designs. At the same time, they are thin enough to easily feel what you’re working on. Another plus, they offer gripping abilities, unlike other gloves.

Made to Lasts Long

Amsafe winter working gloves are double-layered. It is constructed with a waterproof and windproof layer, designed to stay warm (with thermal insulation). It helps to keep dry during the winter enhances grip and comfort. The series of cold weather working gloves can protect against various hazards during chilly weather.

The quality and longevity of winter working gloves are guaranteed. These winter working gloves had passed some quality control tests. We’ve picked the highest-quality material to ensure comfort and durability. If you’re searching for the best winter work gloves for your business, Amsafe is your one-stop shop solution.

Made to Lasts Long
অ্যান্টি স্লিপ ডিজাইন

অ্যান্টি স্লিপ ডিজাইন

A conventional, slip-on fit makes Amsafe winter working gloves ideal for refrigerated work sites or arctic weather. The palm of the glove has a more excellent grip. Thanks to anti-slip and wear-resistant PU. The grip strengthens the connection between the steering wheel and the glove. Ensures safety. It keeps flexibility and performance in winter weather.

With the Amsafe winter working gloves line, you receive considerable insulation and safety features. We have a complete range to choose from.

Winter Working Gloves: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you are probably looking for high quality winter working gloves.

A reason this guide explores everything you need to know about winter working gloves.

পড়া চালিয়ে যান।

1.  What Are Winter Working Gloves?

Winter Working gloves are usually personal hands protective gear covering various functions and products.

Workers typically wear winter working gloves to protect them from the cold, improve overall hygiene, and protect them from harmful products.

বৈদ্যুতিক ড্রিল ধরে থাকা একজন মহিলার প্রতিকৃতি

winter working gloves

2.  Are Winter Working Gloves Same As Freezer Gloves?

There is a slight difference between the winter working glove and freezer gloves.

The Freezer gloves protect your hands from bruises and cuts while keeping them warm because of their interior insulation.

They are used mainly by Truck drivers, forklift operators, and personnel that works in cold storage facilities.

নির্মাণ সাইটের সিভিল ইঞ্জিনিয়াররা কঠিন শীতকালীন পরিস্থিতিতে নকশা অঙ্কন অনুযায়ী চলমান কাজগুলি পরিদর্শন করছেন

freezer gloves

 In contrast, workers use winter working gloves to keep them warm when working in cold environments.

3.  Which Types Of Winter Working Gloves Are There?

We have several types of winter working গ্লাভস. Below are some of the types available;

The Warehouse Winter Working Gloves

This type of winter working glove is made for various purposes may be used for logistics, warehousing, and landscaping.

They are known to be the best winter working gloves on the market.

These gloves usually have a thick padding পিভিসি on each palm area for additional protection.

They also have a reflective strip designed for safety in dim light environments.

In addition, these winter working gloves come with a নমনীয় membrane that provides waterproof and coldproof features.

Cut Resistant Winter Working Gloves

This winter working gloves are typically made from lambswool artificial, which will offer maximum protection while working in winter.

The outer layer for the gloves is made of high-quality cowhide spilled, which is 1. 2mmthick. They are also resistant to any cut, making them one of the best.

Physically they do not look attractive but trust me. The type is of top quality and long-lasting winter working gloves.

cut resistant winter gloves

 Since the fingers of the gloves are sewn by using a gum cut, it supports the free movement of all the fingers while holding small parts.

Mechanic Winter Working Gloves

The mechanic winter working gloves are great insulated gloves to use while working in winter.

The best fast-fit insulated winter glove is made with infused carbon combined with micro lining fleece.

With thick material around the fingertips, it always helps you touchscreen efficiently.

It makes communication and receiving of phone calls easy when working.

mechanic working winter glove

mechanic working winter glove

The Mechanic winter working gloves with a synthetic leather palm allows you to grip all the tools needed comfortably.

The Waterproof Winter Working Glove

Waterproof winter working gloves are also known as weatherproof gloves.

They are designed to keep the worker’s hands dry and protected in various wet environments.

This winter, working gloves usually have two layers of materials.

Using 15 nylon gauges on the outer side blocks the wind and the soft fleece inside to warm the hand. The waterproof winter working gloves are known for their durability.

waterproof working winter gloves

4.  Where Can You Use Winter Working Gloves?

Winter work gloves can be used for a variety of tasks, including:

  • When lifting forklifts
  • নির্মাণের সময়
  • While performing welding
  • উদ্যানপালন
  • While in the factory handling goods
  • When handling hazardous material
  • পরিষ্কার করার সময়
  • When using motorboats
  • When hiking

5.  Which Features Should You Look For In Winter Working Gloves?

The following are some of the features to look for in winter working gloves:

The Dryness Of Hands

One of the quickest ways to ruin your winter workday is to have Moisture on your skin.

It could result from Moisture invading your glove or sweat accumulating within it.

The Moisture within your glove will immediately change your body temperature in any case.

As the temperature drops, you’ll feel cold, and your hand muscles will contract, making it difficult to move.

Frostnip and hypothermia can all be caused by Moisture.

Consider protective gloves with built-in waterproof if you’re working in a wet and slippery environment.

If you have physically demanding employment or are prone to sweating, the type of insulation you choose will be critical in keeping your hands dry and warm every time.

Choose The Appropriate Winter Working Glove Size.

When dealing with hand protection, the right fit is usually crucial. When the temperature drops, an ill-fitting glove will stand out even more.

If your glove is overly big, it will not be easy to get in and allow more air inside. Cool your hands down.

If your glove is too tiny, it will impede your movement and not effectively cover your hand, exposing your wrist.

You can make sure you get the right size for your winter working glove by measuring your wrist size from the base of your pinky finger to the base of your index finger using a ruler.

Select The Appropriate Insulation For Winter Working Gloves

The type of insulation of winter working gloves you choose is crucial, depending on your duties.

As a general rule, the thicker a glove is, the more heat insulation it gives.

If sweat is an issue, you should consider insulation such as fleece. Both alternatives are designed to wick humidity away from the skin and dry quickly.

The main distinction usually is in thickness. The winter working gloves require several layers of fleece to provide this thermal insulation as a fabric-like Thinsulate.

6.  How Much Do Winter Working Gloves Cost?

We have factors such as design and quality fabric that will determine the cost of winter work gloves.

But generally, the winter working gloves range from $10-$500 on the market.

If you need high-quality winter working gloves, you may consider spending up to $600 for a pair.

7.  Which Material Is Best For Winter Working Gloves?

The best materials to make winter working gloves are;


Nylon fabric is a petrochemical-based synthetic material. It’s noted for its incredible tensile strength, durability, and flexibility.

Like 60% of winter work gloves are nylon, sometimes known as polyamide fabric. Nylon is the most popular material because of its strong water resistance.

nylon winter working glove

nylon winter working glove

Nylon is both flexible and vital, with protective winter working gloves applications.


The polyester material is a synthetic fiber made primarily from petroleum.

This fabric is one of the most widely used fabrics globally, with thousands of industrial applications.

Polyester is a polymer usually made up of compounds with a functional group.

polyester winter working gloves

polyester winter working gloves

 Ethylene is a component of petroleum that can also be produced from other sources, mainly used to make most synthesized and some plant-based polyester fibers.

If you need quality winter working gloves, you may consider ones made from polyester fabric that are long-lasting.


Polyurethane (PU) is a woven or non-woven textile fabric made of nylon, cotton, polyester, or ground Leather, with one or more layers of polymer resins linked by urethane linkages.

A sole side of the basic fabric is usually coated with PU, which is then processed to seem like animal hide.

As a result, the material turns out to be flexible, light, and weather-resistant.

In terms of softness, PU fabric is the most faithful facsimile of Leather. It always breaks or wrinkles like genuine Leather when stitched or collected.

The winter working gloves made from this fabric are usually expensive due to their high quality.

8.  What Is The Function Of Thermo Plastic Rubber In Winter Working Gloves?

Thermoplastic rubber, also known as (TPR), is usually an extra layer of protection found in winter working gloves to provide additional cushioning during complex tasks.

It also benefits from being more flexible and resistant to cracking and lasting longer than solid plastic.

Thermos plastic rubber is coated to the winter working gloves along the palm, which will ensure that both sides of your hands are protected.

To offer proper hand protection, TPR should wrap to the backside of the fingertips of the winter working gloves.

9.  Are Winter Working Gloves Waterproof?

Yes, but not all of them, Waterproof winter working gloves are available.

We also have several that aren’t waterproof but dry quickly.

If you require waterproof winter working gloves, you must specify this when making your purchase.

10.  Which Sizes Of Winter Working Gloves Are Available?

You can confirm the size of the available winter working gloves by looking at the chart below.

আয়তন Fit Hands
এক্সএস (6) Up to 7 in(18cm)
এস (7) Up to 7-8 in (18-20cm)
এম (8) Up to 8-9 in(20-23cm)
এল (9) Up to 9-10 in(23-25cm)
XL (10) Up to 10-11 in (25-28cm)
XXL (11) Up to 11-12 in (28-30cm)
XXXL (12) Up to 12-13 in (30-32cm)

11.  Are Winter Working Gloves Durable?

Yes, if you purchase high-quality winter working gloves, it is durable, and you will appreciate the value of your money.

12.  How Do You Choose Winter Working Glove Design?

We usually advise you to select a winter working love design by considering the following:

  • Check on the extra patches on the Winter working gloves
  • The flexibility of the gloves
  • সঠিক মাপ
  • A moderate insulation
  • The cut-off length of the winter working glove
  • আবহাওয়া প্রতিরোধের
  • ফ্যাব্রিকের টাইপ
  • The work is to be done using winter gloves.

13.  Which Are The Available Color Options For Winter Working Gloves?

The winter working gloves come in a variety of colors, including:

  • কালো
  • সাদা বাদামী
  • Green
  • রক্তবর্ণ
  • নীল
  • আকাশী
  • লাল
  • কমলা
  • রূপা

We do not have any color limitations for the winter working gloves. You are free to choose any color you would like to use.

14.  Are our Winter Work Gloves the Same As Insulated Work Gloves?

No, winter working gloves keep you warm and protect you from cuts and hazardous materials when working in cold environments.

Whereas insulated work gloves, also known as electrical gloves, protect people are working near electrical equipment such as transformers and substantial electrics.

You can avoid dangers like electrical shocks by wearing an insulated glove.

15.  How Do You Clean And Maintain Winter Working Gloves?

The following are some cleaning and maintenance tips for winter working gloves:

  • Hand washes the gloves using cold water, then air dry them.
  • If your winter work gloves are Leather, you should never wash them because the process damages the material’s naturally water-repellent surface.
  • However, use a clean cloth with a dollop of oil-based, leather-friendly soap before gently rubbing it across the glove’s entire surface in small circular motions.
  • Allow the gloves to dry entirely before buffing the surface with a microfiber cloth.
  • For the waterproof winter working gloves, start by spraying the outsides of waterproof gloves with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Allow them to sit for about five minutes before wiping away any remaining liquid.

Then apply the same procedure while cleaning the inner part, using disinfectant and baking soda.

16.  Which Quality Standards Should Winter Working Gloves Comply With?

The quality standard that winter working gloves should comply with are:

  • নাগালের– This is usually a European Union guideline that aims to promote human health and environmental protection against chemical dangers while also boosting the sustainability of the European Union chemicals industry.
  • CE – A manufacturer affixes the CE mark to a product so that it can be sold in Europe. The mark is required for products under one of 24 European directives.

The CE mark indicates that the producer ensures that a product complies with all European legal health, safety, performance, and environmental regulations.

  • ANSI– The American National Standards Institute is usually a non-profit organization that establishes voluntary consensus standards for the quality of products, processes, and systems in the United States.

ANSI is in charge of regulating the development, implementation, and enforcement of thousands of policies that affect practically every industry sector.

17.  How Do You Identify Quality Winter Working Gloves?

Well, if you want to identify the quality of winter working gloves, the tips below may help;

First and foremost, consider the temperature. The perfect winter work gloves are typically designed from the ground up to protect workers from the weather.

Which then supplements with features that cater to their specific demands.

The fit and materials are two of the most severe flaws of gloves that have been adapted for winter protection.

Insulation crammed into an existing design may have an adverse effect on how a glove fit. A loose fit also diminishes the layer of safety.

Another way to identify the quality of the winter working glove is by checking if the outer shell has the perfect required finishing.

It is recommended to be pliable and able to control temperature.

Another way to identify the quality of the winter working glove is by getting the Tech-Friendly one.

By looking for thermal gloves with a touch screen option, you can swipe and answer calls on your phone without taking off your glove.

18.  Are There Coated Winter Working Gloves?

Yes, coated winter working gloves are available in all sizes.

19.  Why Invest In Winter Working Gloves?

It is crucial to invest in winter working gloves for the following reasons;

  • It will provide an additional grip that will help while handling heavy materials.
  • It will help you in protection against cuts and cold weather
  • অন্তরণ
  • It is also part of regular compliance with your staff.
  • Increase flexibility and breathability

20.  What Are The Limitations Of Winter Working Gloves?

The winter working gloves are limited to preventing Moisture from accessing your skin.

They also don’t allow sweat to escape. You sweat while working, especially your hands.

For all your winter working gloves, contact us now.

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