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- Glass handling Gloves

Glass Handling Gloves Manufacturer

Amsafe is an experienced glass handling gloves manufacturer for more than 20 years.

We produce certified hand protection glass handling gloves to support your business and requirements.

  • Certified high-end quality glass handling gloves
  • Fast delivery cost-effective
  • Offers QC report of each procedure
  • 24/7 অনলাইন সমর্থন

Amsafe Glass Handling Gloves

Amsafe glass handling gloves are designed to support the wrist and fingers from cuts. They are available in non-slip and cut-resistant gloves which hold glass easier and strong. We designed different styles and types of gloves for glass handling at different materials and coatings.

We ensure to manufacture and produce the most comfortable and versatile glass handling gloves for your business and projects. They are commonly used for constructions, and building materials designed with fully coated, half coated, and more.

If you are looking for complete selections and designs, Amsafe is the right partner to rely on. You can get the most comfortable and safe glass handling gloves. Send your inquiries now!

01.rubber coated glass hanjling gloves

Rubber-coated glass handling gloves are made of long-lasting rubber materials which have strong resistance and surely last a long time. They are carefully crafted with high strength which can provide better protection to our hands.

02.palm coated glass hanjling gloves

Palm-coated glass handling gloves are best suited for handling building materials, mechanical equipment, metals, automobile parts, and hardware tools. They are palm coated, comfortable design for the wrist, and comfortable to wear.

03.nitrile coated glass handling gloves

Nitrile-coated glass handling gloves offer protection from knives, slicers, and glass. These gloves are made of nitrile that provides exceptional oil grip strength. They are best suited for metal machining and glasswork.

04.lightwight glass handling gloves

Lightweight glass handling gloves are ideal for a wide range of hands-on work. They are specially made for contractors and carpenters as they are lightweight. The coating offers a good grip and excellent touch.

05.heavy duty glass handling gloves

Heavy-duty glass handling gloves are associated with the handling of rough or sharp objects. These handling gloves are lightweight and flexible. They are best suited for heavy works such as chemical and glass handling.

Insulated Glass Handling Gloves

The insulated glass handling gloves are sealed and bonded with high-strength sealant on the textile. They offer excellent characteristics and performance. These handling gloves are very flexible and comfortable to use.

07.glass handling foam gloves

The glass handling foam gloves are made of high-quality foam. These foam gloves are incredibly robust and offer less danger for glass breaking. They can be bleached and washed without losing their protective qualities.

08.cut resistant glass handling gloves

Cut-resistant glass handling gloves have popular sizes and material weights. They have a high level of safety, are more cut-resistant, and are more comfortable than other products of their kind. They are best suited in handling glass materials.

09.anti slip glass handling gloves

The anti-slip glass handling gloves are applicable in metal & glass handling, sanitation &recycling, sharp small parts handling, and wood working. They avoid glass slipping and have excellent cut resistance.

Amsafe Glass Handling Gloves Benefits

Amsafe glass handling gloves provide excellent hand protection when working with glass. These work gloves will protect users from possible cuts, lacerations, puncture wounds, etc. Not only provide protection, but it helps hold on to glass items to avoid dropping and breaking. Our glass handling gloves are machine washable, quick-dry, and can be used many times.

Here at Amsafe, we pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing the best glass handling gloves accessible for a wide variety of industries. You’ll surely find the perfect gloves solution for your business in our products.

Amsafe Glass Handling Gloves Benefits
Custom Glass Handling Gloves

Custom Glass Handling Gloves

Amsafe can produce glass handling gloves according to your specifications. We can offer these gloves in custom materials, sizes, thicknesses, and finishes such as microporous nitrile coating, polyurethane coating, HPPE reinforced, etc.

We manufacture premium quality glass handling gloves in the market. Our company holds 8 sophisticated production liners and has 160,000+ pairs of gloves production output every day. Just send your specifications and we will handle the rigorous fabrication. Contact us today, we have a 24/7 special customer service team to guarantee fast response.

What gloves are best for handling broken glass?

Heavy-duty puncture-resistant gloves, such as those made from thick leather or cut-resistant materials, are best for handling broken glass to prevent cuts and injuries.

What kind of gloves are best for handling most abrasive materials?

Gloves with reinforced palms made from materials like leather or synthetic blends are often best for handling abrasive materials. They provide protection against cuts and abrasions.

Should you wear gloves to pick up broken glass?

Yes, wearing gloves is advisable when picking up broken glass to prevent cuts and injuries. Thick puncture-resistant gloves can provide the necessary protection.

Do nitrile gloves protect against glass?

Nitrile gloves can provide some protection against glass shards and sharp objects. However, for handling broken glass, heavy-duty puncture-resistant gloves are more suitable.

What is the safest way to handle broken glass?

In order to ensure the utmost safety when handling shattered glass, it is advisable to don suitable gloves and employ a broom and dustpan to meticulously gather the fragments. Proceed with caution and carefully dispose of the broken glass in a designated receptacle, thereby mitigating any potential harm or injury.

What should be worn when picking up broken glass?

When picking up broken glass, wear heavy-duty puncture-resistant gloves to protect your hands from cuts and injuries. Safety goggles are also advisable to protect your eyes.

Are Amsafe Glass Handling Gloves suitable for use with all types of glass, including delicate and fragile items?

Amsafe Glass Handling Gloves offer hand protection but their suitability for handling fragile glass depends on the specific type of glove. While they provide comfort for precision work, it is recommended to consult with the manufacturer for recommendations on the most appropriate glove for the specific application.

How do Amsafe Glass Handling Gloves compare to other brands in terms of durability and longevity?

Durability comparisons reveal that Amsafe Glass Handling Gloves have a longer lifespan than other brands due to their high-quality materials and coatings. Longevity analysis shows that they remain strong and reliable even after extended use, making them a dependable option for glass handling.

Can Amsafe Glass Handling Gloves be used for other tasks besides glass handling, such as construction or gardening?

Amsafe Glass Handling Gloves, which are designed to protect hands while handling glass items, can also be used for other tasks such as construction safety and gardening protection. These gloves are available in various materials and coatings, and can be customized to meet specific requirements.

What is the process for ordering custom-made Amsafe Glass Handling Gloves?

Despite the potential complexity of ordering custom-made gloves, Amsafe’s process is straightforward. Customers can choose from a range of customization options, including materials, sizes, thicknesses, and finishes. A dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 to assist with the ordering process.

Are there any special care instructions that should be followed when washing or storing Amsafe Glass Handling Gloves?

When it pertains to cleansing Amsafe Glass Handling Gloves, it is advisable to employ the method of machine washing and promptly drying them. As for storage, it is advised to maintain them in a cool and dry abode. Crafted from bespoke materials of diverse thicknesses and finishes, these gloves proffer a cozy and snug fit that ensures the preservation of hand protection.

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