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cycling gloves

Cycling Gloves Manufacturer

Amsafe is a leading cycling gloves manufacturer in China for over 15 years. Together with expert engineers, you can guarantee quality production on the entire process. We offer free samples of cycling gloves design.

  • Complete certifications on cycling gloves
  • Steady and durable quality cycling gloves
  • Custom bike gloves to meet your specific requirements
  • 24/7 active special customer service team

Amsafe Cycling Gloves

Amsafe cycling gloves are ideal for all weather conditions. It may be used during warm, cool, or wet seasons. Each pair of cycling gloves combines protection, grip, and trademark detailing for unrivaled road control. Among cycling gloves series are full-finger cycling gloves, half-finger cycling gloves, and fingerless cycling gloves.

Cycling gloves come in a wide range of sizes (XS-XXL). Fits a wide range of people. Comfortable and dry. It gives a better grip on the handlebars while also protecting the biker’s hand. Best fabrics and cutting-edge technology are used to create these cycling gloves collections. Custom cycling gloves are also possible with Amsafe.

01.cycling gloves for men

Men’s cycling gloves combine exceptional fit, breathability, grip, and aesthetics. A huge selection of style, fit, and colors are available. These gloves may be used in a variety of conditions, from cold winter rides to steep summer climbs.

02.cycling gloves for women

The cycling gloves for women provide protection, grip, and trademark detailing for unrivaled road control. This is light and comfortable to wear. The palms of these gloves are frequently padded for extra comfort.

03.kids cycling gloves

Cycling gloves for kids are made of lightweight fabrics, used for increased breathability. These gloves specific for young ones are soft and breathable. An opening with reinforced seams makes it simple to put on.

04.সাইক্লিং গ্লাভস কালো

Cycling gloves in black color are ideal for occasional road cycling. It has excellent protection against cycling annoyances such as painful hands, uncomfortable handles, and blisters. The palm is soft and breathable. On the outside, a thin and light elastane fabric.

05.cycling gloves pink

Cycling gloves in pink color is so chic, fashionable. Aside from that, the function is excellent too. They combine comfortability, lightweights, and breathable fabric. This glove has a joint palm, a lengthy safety cuff, and 5mm cushioning foam that is fully cushioned.

06.full finger cycling gloves

The full-finger cycling gloves are thoughtfully crafted to strike the same blend of comfort, performance, and style. Designed to enhance the riding experience from road cycling to mountain biking, and everything in between.

07. আঙুলবিহীন সাইক্লিং গ্লাভস

Fingerless cycling gloves give comfort and protection without compromising the ability to control the shift and braking levers. Padding on bike gloves improves impact absorption, while moisture-wicking material keeps your grip solid.

08.half finger cycling gloves

Half-finger cycling gloves can be made of cotton, nylon, or synthetic leather. Featuring shockproof, breathable, anti-sweat, non-slip, and anti-static properties. Ideal for men and women, or both unisex.

09.leather cycling gloves

The leather cycling gloves are distinguished by their state-of-the-art craftsmanship and use of the finest materials available. Elegant and comfortable gloves. These gloves are built to last. Classic design for all seasons.

Multi-Purpose Designed

Cycling gloves are perfect for men and women or unisex. Professional or casual cyclists can benefit from this pair of gloves. With its anti-slip and various design, you will have an excellent selection for your brand. There are multiple types of cycling gloves, including:

  • Half-finger cycling gloves
  • Full finger bike gloves
  • Fingerless cycling gloves, and so much more.
Multi-Purpose Designed
কাস্টম সাইক্লিং গ্লাভস

কাস্টম সাইক্লিং গ্লাভস

Amsafe provides top-quality custom cycling gloves based on what customers require. You can create your logo, slogan, or color to showcase your business. We are producing stylish and unique custom cycling gloves that feature full-finger protection. There are different customization for cycling gloves in size, material, and purposes. Send us your logo, and we will design it!

Are cycling gloves necessary?

Cycling gloves are not strictly necessary, but they offer several benefits. They provide comfort, grip, protection against road vibrations, and help prevent blisters during long rides.

What kind of gloves do you need for cycling?

For cycling, padded gloves with good grip are recommended. They can be full-fingered or fingerless, depending on your preference and weather conditions.

Do pro cyclists use gloves?

Yes, many pro cyclists use gloves for various reasons, including comfort, grip, and protection. However, it’s a personal choice based on individual preferences and riding conditions.

Why do bikers wear fingerless gloves?

Fingerless gloves provide protection for the palms while maintaining tactile sensitivity for better control of the handlebars, brakes, and gears.

Do cycling gloves help with wrist pain?

Cycling gloves with padding can help reduce pressure on the wrists, offering comfort and potentially alleviating wrist pain during long rides.

Should cycling gloves be tight?

Cycling gloves should fit snugly without being too tight. A proper fit ensures comfort, prevents chafing, and allows for optimal grip and control.

Why do people wear biker gloves?

People wear biker gloves, such as cycling gloves, for various reasons, including protection, comfort, grip enhancement, and prevention of blisters or calluses.

Why do cycling gloves have loops?

Loops on cycling gloves help you easily remove the gloves by pulling on the loops between your fingers. This can be especially useful after a ride when your hands might be sweaty.

What makes cycling gloves different?

Cycling gloves are designed to offer grip, comfort, and protection while allowing cyclists to maintain control and feel of the handlebars. They often have padding and features specific to cycling needs.

Can we use gym gloves for cycling?

While gym gloves provide grip and padding, cycling gloves are specifically designed for the unique demands of cycling, including grip, airflow, and comfort. Cycling gloves might be a better choice for biking.

Why do my wrists hurt when I ride a bike?

Wrist pain while cycling could result from poor bike fit, incorrect hand positioning, or excessive pressure on the wrists. Proper bike setup and using padded gloves may help alleviate discomfort.

How do I stop my hands from going numb when cycling?

Numbness in hands during cycling can be caused by poor wrist positioning or pressure on the ulnar nerve. Adjusting your grip, using padded gloves, and changing hand positions periodically can help.

What is the difference between cycling gloves and gym gloves?

Cycling gloves are designed for grip, control, and comfort during cycling, while gym gloves focus on protecting hands during weightlifting and exercises. They have different features catering to their respective activities.

Do cycling gloves keep hands warm?

Yes, some cycling gloves are designed with thermal insulation to keep hands warm during colder rides. Look for gloves labeled as “thermal” or “winter” for better warmth.

What is the price range for Amsafe cycling gloves?

The price range of Amsafe cycling gloves varies depending on the type, material, and customization. However, their affordability does not compromise the quality of materials used, ensuring steady and durable cycling gloves for all age groups.

Does Amsafe offer any warranty or guarantee on their cycling gloves?

Amsafe offers a warranty and guarantee on their cycling gloves, which covers defects in materials and workmanship. They also have a return policy for unused products within a specific period of time. However, the terms and conditions of these policies may vary depending on the specific product and situation.

How do I determine the correct size for my Amsafe cycling gloves?

Measuring techniques such as hand circumference and finger length can aid in finding the perfect fit for Amsafe cycling gloves. Adjusting for comfort and ensuring optimal performance can be achieved through proper sizing and trying on different sizes.

Can Amsafe cycling gloves be used for other activities besides cycling?

Amsafe cycling gloves can be used for multi-purpose activities due to their anti-slip and protective features. However, alternatives for specialized activities such as weightlifting or gardening may be more suitable. Amsafe also offers custom gloves for specific purposes.

How long does it typically take to receive a custom order of Amsafe cycling gloves?

The order turnaround time for custom Amsafe cycling gloves may vary depending on the level of customization required. Amsafe offers a range of customization options, including logo, color, size, and material, to meet specific requirements.

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