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Cut and Puncture Resistant Gloves Outstanding Manufacturer

Amsafe is your optimum producer of cut and puncture-resistant gloves. It is where product qualities are the top priority. 

Remarkably, our professional service crew supplies DMF zero PU coated gloves to international markets such as Germany. Hence, Amsafe is a universally renowned brand and trusted by many.

  • We accept OEM and ODM service
  • 180 days warranty after ETA
  • One-stop coated hand protection supply chain

Amsafe Cut and Puncture Resistant Gloves

The Amsafe cut and puncture-resistant gloves come with two-way protection. It aids users against tears from sharp, narrow objects such as knives, especially when working with sharpened sheet metal and glass. 

Additionally, it prevents punctures from application dangers like needles. The production process garnered more than 20 relevant certifications. Thus, we guarantee stellar features of cut and puncture-resistant gloves at reasonable costs. 

For over 15 years in the manufacturing industry, Amsafe incorporated a proficient customer service team. We endeavored to render our clients cost-effective coated hand protection and services. Please feel free to reach out if you need any supplementary information. 

1.cotton cut and puncture resistant gloves

Cotton cut and puncture-resistant gloves are for construction, machinery, gas station, and automobile operations. These cotton gloves have wear-resistant and anti-skid features. They have thick palm and performs with extreme safety.

2.police cut and puncture resistant gloves

The cut and puncture-resistant gloves for police can also be used for multiple purposes. They are suitable for repair works, woodworking, cutting, gardening, and more. These gloves have an HPPE liner that provides high dexterity.

3.non-slipncut and puncture resistant gloves

Non-slip cut and puncture-resistant gloves are excellent hand protection for steel-plate handling and operations, metal works, cleaning automotive, and handling sharp things. They ensure hands from scratches, cuts, and broken objects.

4.rubber palm cut and puncture proof gloves

The rubber palm cut and puncture-proof gloves are also non-slip, wear-resistant, and good grip protection gloves. They are made with lightweight, fit, and comfortable materials. These gloves have knit wrists to prevent debris and dust.

5.long sleeve cut and puncture proof gloves

Long sleeve cut and puncture-proof gloves are ideal for various industries, like the glass industry, wood carving, home, garden, and more applications. They are stretchy and breathable, with excellent protection from cuts and puncture effects.

6.reinforced cut and puncture proof gloves

Reinforced cut and puncture-proof gloves have durable palm patches for extreme drip. They have waterproof, stretchable back fabric, outstanding dexterity, and breathability. Also, these gloves are impact resistant and durable.

7.adjustable wrist cut and puncture resistance gloves

The cut and puncture resistance gloves with adjustable wrists are made from high-quality leather. They are comfortable, and flexible gloves, perfect for heavy operations. These gloves have a non-slip palm surface that helps enhance work efficiency.

8.long cuff cut and puncture resistance gloves

The long cuff cut and puncture resistance has a level five anti-cut rate. Using them will prevent punctures, slips, and cuts. They have dry, breathable HPPE knitted special fiber. Also, these gloves have an elasticated long cuff to avoid debris and dirt from entering.

9.latex cut and puncture resistance gloves

The cut and puncture resistance gloves with latex coatings are made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. They come in various colors and sizes. These latex coating gloves are ideal for automobile manufacturing, high-risk, and rescue industry applications.

Amsafe কাট এবং পাংচার প্রতিরোধী গ্লাভস সুবিধা

With 15+ years of manufacturing experience, Amsafe ensures to manufacture of high-standard cut and puncture-resistant gloves. Personnel must use this product to avoid cut and puncture injuries. Below are some of the advantages our safety gloves offer:

  • Thin and Very Protective – Materials used in Amsafe gloves production offer superior protection without sacrificing comfort, sensitivity, and flexibility.
  • Gives Puncture and Cut Protection – Amsafe cut and puncture-resistant gloves offer both cut and puncture protection. It is versatile, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. They also offer high levels of ease at which a task can be performed easily using your hands.
  • Keeps Your Hands Safe– Offer maximum protection for hands, this product can protect personnel from hypodermic 25 to 28-gauge needles, wire, nails, splinters, broken glass, glass and metal shards, etc.
Amsafe কাট এবং পাংচার প্রতিরোধী গ্লাভস সুবিধা
বিকল্পের বিস্তৃত পরিসর

বিকল্পের বিস্তৃত পরিসর

As a professional supplier in China, Amsafe offers various styles and designs of cut and puncture-resistant gloves. We can recommend the best safety gloves according to your requirements or applications. Our range of cut and puncture-resistant gloves is made with a layer of protection and proper process design. You can request full customization to boost your brand.

We provide a cut and puncture-resistant gloves that work great for:

  • স্বাস্থ্যসেবা অ্যাপ্লিকেশন
  • Waste handling jobs
  • নির্মাণ
  • Janitorial work
  • Other industrial end applications.
Are cut-resistant gloves puncture resistant?

While cut-resistant gloves offer protection against cuts and sharp objects, they might not necessarily be puncture resistant. Puncture-resistant gloves are designed to specifically prevent the penetration of sharp objects like needles or nails.

What type of glove protects against cuts and punctures?

Gloves designed for both cut and puncture protection often combine materials like Kevlar, Dyneema, or steel mesh to provide resistance against both cutting edges and sharp points.

What is the difference between cut and puncture gloves?

Cut-resistant gloves are engineered to withstand slicing motions, whereas puncture-resistant gloves are designed to prevent sharp objects from penetrating the glove material. They serve different purposes based on the type of hazard.

What is cut vs puncture resistant?

“Cut resistant” refers to gloves that can withstand cuts from sharp edges. “Puncture resistant” refers to gloves that can prevent sharp objects from piercing the glove material.

What is a cut-resistant glove?

A cut-resistant glove is a type of protective handwear designed to prevent cuts and lacerations, often made from materials like Kevlar, Dyneema, or composite blends.

What material is puncture proof?

Materials like stainless steel mesh, Kevlar, and specialized synthetic fibers are commonly used to create gloves with puncture-proof properties.

Are nitrile gloves puncture resistant?

Nitrile gloves offer some level of puncture resistance due to their durable nature. However, for specific tasks requiring high puncture protection, gloves made from materials like Kevlar or steel mesh might be more suitable.

Are leather gloves puncture proof?

While leather gloves offer some protection against punctures, they might not be puncture-proof. Leather is more effective at providing protection against abrasions and some blunt forces rather than punctures.

আমার গ্লাভস কাটা প্রতিরোধী কিনা আমি কিভাবে জানব?

Cut-resistant gloves are often labeled with cut resistance levels, usually following ANSI or EN standards. These levels indicate the gloves’ ability to withstand different levels of cutting forces. Refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for details.

What is puncture test for gloves?

The puncture test assesses the ability of gloves to resist penetration by sharp objects. It involves using standardized test probes to determine the force required to puncture the glove material.

What is a 5 puncture level in ANSI?

In ANSI standards, the puncture level refers to a glove’s ability to resist punctures. A level 5 puncture resistance indicates that the glove offers a high level of protection against punctures from sharp objects.

Do latex gloves prevent cuts?

Latex gloves can offer some protection against cuts, but their primary function is as a barrier to prevent direct contact with contaminants. For higher cut resistance, gloves made from materials like Kevlar are more suitable.

Do gloves protect from needle stick injury?

Gloves designed specifically for needlestick protection offer a higher level of resistance against punctures from needles and sharps. They are vital for healthcare professionals and other occupations where needlestick injuries are a concern.

Are cut-resistant gloves made of Kevlar?

Yes, cut-resistant gloves are often made from Kevlar, a high-strength synthetic fiber known for its excellent cut resistance. Other materials like Dyneema and stainless steel are also used.

Are cut resistant hand gloves used for chemical handling True or false?

False. While cut-resistant gloves offer protection against cuts and lacerations, they might not provide adequate protection against chemical exposure. For chemical handling, specialized chemical-resistant gloves are recommended.

কাটা প্রতিরোধী গ্লাভস তাদের মধ্যে ধাতু আছে?

Yes, some cut-resistant gloves incorporate metal fibers or mesh to enhance their resistance against sharp edges. However, modern options often use advanced synthetic materials for cut resistance.

What is the maximum level of cut and puncture protection offered by Amsafe's gloves?

The maximum level of cut and puncture protection offered by Amsafe’s gloves is level five. This level of protection is achieved through the use of high-performance materials such as HPPE knitted special fiber, durable palm patches, and latex coatings.

Can Amsafe's gloves be used in food handling or medical environments?

Amsafe’s cut and puncture-resistant gloves are not recommended for use in food handling or medical environments due to food safety and medical regulations. These gloves are designed for industrial applications and offer excellent protection against cuts and punctures.

Does Amsafe offer gloves that are resistant to chemicals or oils?

Amsafe offers glove options that are resistant to chemicals and oils. These gloves provide protection from hazardous materials and environmental factors, ensuring safety in industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and petrochemicals.

Are Amsafe's gloves machine washable or dry clean only?

Amsafe’s gloves are machine washable, offering convenience and easy maintenance. They are also durable and long-lasting, ensuring that they maintain their protective features after multiple washes. Dry cleaning is not necessary for these gloves.

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